My Intention

At some time I began scraching my head about somewhat strange sounding chess terms. I started with the term zugzwang, and I found out, that there are only a few clear defined chess terms in use.

May a chess amateur and physicist - who actually wanted to become a teacher - keep an eye on how grandmasters talk about chess?

Yes, he may. Because teachers presume to know everything better than others. But also as a scientist in order to keep balance between writings of normal and genius players: Authors of chess books normally are grandmasters and not normal chess club players. But the overwhelming majority of authors of scientific papers are normal scientists and not high decorated or even nobel laureates.

So, I will try it with my book and with my website!

The Book ...


... with an epilogue by CM Manfred Herbold is available here, or in chess stores and book shops.

... and the Drawings!

You can get the wonderful drawings of Frank Stiefel